Bend, Oregon Teeth Cleaning

Routine Teeth Cleaning

Our routine cleaning consists of the removal of plaque and tartar, with a coronal polish of the teeth. Additionally, our hygienists will perform a perio probe to measure your pocket depth and assess your periodontal health. This assessment will establish your appointment care schedule. Our expert hygienists will also give you oral hygiene instruction and visit with you regarding any of your dental questions and concerns.

Specialized Teeth Cleaning

Periodontic Cleanings: A certain percentage of patients will require this form of cleaning. When pockets are greater that 3mm, scaling and root planning are a method of treating periodontal disease. A local anesthetic may be given to reduce any discomfort. Depending upon your needs, we will recommend that one or more sections(quadrants) of the mouth be treated. The extent of your needs will determine the number of visits that you will require.