Tooth Whitening Services in Bend, Oregon

Whiten your teeth with newer systems

Tooth whitening is becoming a much more common practice. Our office offers two alternatives to whiten your teeth:

  • The ZOOM! Advanced Power Whitening System is a light-assisted, in-office tooth whitening system. The ZOOM! Procedure utilizes application of the prescription-strength gel in conjunction with the ZOOM! Advanced Power Lamp. The procedure requires at least 2 hours, and the results are immediate. Custom trays and touch-up gel are included as well.
  • We also offer custom-fitted trays for your mouth that hold bleaching gels. These trays are used at home, for 1-2 hours per day and the results take 2- 4 weeks.

With either option, you may “touch up” at your convenience, as berries, coffee, tea and red wine can re-stain the teeth. This is easy to do, using your custom-fitted bleach trays.

All whitening treatments include a complimentary consultation with our bleaching assistant.