Teeth Whitening

Everyone wants a brilliant smile. An ideal teeth whitening system is:

  • Quick
  • Convenient
  • Long-lasting
  • Comfortable
  • Low sensitivity
  • Safe
  • Effective
  • Administered by a professional

Our teeth whitening system will give you your brightest smile. A whiter smile will help you feel great about yourself and make a memorable impression on others.

If you have dark, yellow, or stained teeth, you can clean up your smile with Zoom! Whitening. No other system lightens teeth as quickly or effectively as Zoom! Dr. Adams is please to enhance his patients’ smiles instantly with professional whitening systems.

Zoom! Fast-Acting In-Office Whitening

Are you seeking the fastest way to brighten your teeth up to ten shades? Zoom! In-office whitening gives you a fresh new smile after one hour of painless treatment. Zoom! includes a variable intensity setting, so Dr. Adams can adjust it based on your desired smile and your sensitivity levels.

Zoom! is supervised by your professional, so you can rest assured your gums and teeth will remain safe throughout the procedure. After your short visit with our caring experts, you’ll leave our office with a sparkling white smile. Feel secure knowing that your results will be noticeable and absolutely stunning!

Zoom! Comfortable At-Home Whitening

If you prefer to whiten on your own time at home, you can still achieve professional results. Ask Dr. Adams about whitening at home with our powerful Zoom! formula.

The Zoom! take-home system uses a revolutionary whitening gel to brighten your teeth an average of six shades in three nights! Teeth may continue to whiten with additional applications.

Don’t waste your time and money on over-the-counter pastes and strips. You can whiten your smile with a fraction of the time and minimal sensitivity with Zoom! take-home whitening.

We always keep your comfort and your smile goals in mind at Cascadia Family Dental. To learn more, contact our office today.