So many people suffer from daily headaches without knowing where to turn. Some patients visit specialist after specialist without properly resolving their headaches or migraines.

Surprisingly, many patients with headaches are actually suffering from a joint problem.

The TMJ, or temporomandibular joint, is the joint that connects the lower mandible to the rest of the skull. TMJ disorder, or TMD, is often caused by bruxism. Grinding or clenching the jaw stresses and strains the joints, and can lead to various symptoms.

A common symptom resulting from muscle fatigue and joint dysfunction is headaches.

A bad bite, bruxism, arthritis, or injury can all cause joint problems. Dr. Adams can work with you and may collaborate with a local Chiropractor or Physical Therapist to help relax the muscles and restore the smooth function of your bite.

Is TMD Responsible for My Daily Symptoms?

If you are suffering from strong headaches, ringing ears, or stiff muscles, you may have TMJ disorder. If you believe you may be suffering from TMD, or if you have been misdiagnosed with migraines in the past, schedule a TMJ evaluation with Dr. Adams.

TMJ disorder can cause other symptoms, including muscle fatigue in the jaw and face, pain behind the eyes, and neck stiffness. The pain and soreness can even extend through the shoulders and upper back.

Clicking or popping sounds from the jaw is also a telltale sign of TMD. Some patients’ jaws may also become locked when they open their mouths.

What is the Best Treatment for Me?

Are your temporomandibular joints overworked? Our goal is to relieve your pain and prevent your symptoms from returning.

Dr. Adams may treat you with a combination of specific heat and massage therapy to ease the muscles. Often, he will also recommend a TMJ night guard.

Your night guard will prevent you from grinding the teeth. It will keep your jaw positioned in an optimal way, to give your muscles and joints a chance to relax. Our night guards, massage, heat, and other treatments are very effective in relieving the joints and making TMD symptoms disappear.

TMJ treatment can make a huge difference in your life. If you are experiencing soreness or pain, call us at Cascadia Family Dental today.